Can Parents Be Too Involved With Their Child’s Education?

Being involved in your child’s education is obviously a good thing. But, some may wonder if ever there can be too much of a good thing. Can parents be too involved with their child’s education? While this, like anything else, should not be taken to the extreme, parental involvement in a child’s education is generally considered a good thing.Research has shown that parents who are involved actively in their child’s education perform better when it comes to reading and math. Along with getting higher grades, parents’ involvement also leads to increased motivation in their children and better family lives. This being said, parents don’t have to run for an office at the PTO or the school board. A few hours of quality time spent with your child to help with his homework or doing an after school activity together makes a big difference. Below are a few points that parents who are or want to get involved with their child’s education will find helpful.PTOBeing involved through the PTO opportunities in your child’s school can keep pertinent issues within closer reach. PTO organizations help parents be a part of what takes place at school, as well as keeps them informed of recent issues and developments. There will be meetings and events to not only discuss the issues, but also to have fun with the children while they learn. Many PTOs host events such as family math nights.Will the Kids Be Annoyed at Parental Involvement?Some kids may become annoyed if parental involvement in education is at a high level. I think this may be more common with high school students than students in middle or elementary schools. Many kids enjoy parental involvement and it gives a boost of confidence to them to see how much their parents care.Educational ConflictsBecause methods used to solve math concepts can differ from what parents were used to as kids, it can sometimes be difficult to help kids with math. However, this should not stop parents from helping their children and being involved. There are ways to get around this, such as online tutoring help where parents and students can spend 45min-1 hour together with the tutor by putting him on speakers. The parents can observe the child learn this way. Then, when it comes time to help later on, they will know how.Benefits of Being Involved in a Child’s EducationWhen parents are involved with their child’s education, there come many benefits to both the child, as well as the parent. Children who have involved parents will likely have a better chance at succeeding than those whose parents are not aware of what is going on or whether their child is struggling. An aware parent can provide help to the child wherever it is needed. Ways to help your child with his math problems.This type of involvement in a child’s education can lead to better grades, as it is much harder for a child’s difficulty with concepts to slip under the radar. Also, involved parents can observe their children’s interests and use those to make learning time a fun time, rather than a chore. Technology can also be used in a constructive way to help your child.HomeschoolingHomeschooling is a great example of how parental involvement gives a boost to a child’s morale. I have been to various homeschooling conventions and my observation has been that homeschooling children are more open with what they are studying and have a higher level of confidence than other students who always shy away from even talking about the M (ath) word. Could this have something to do with the involvement of their parents? I would assume so. With this method, parents can be fully aware of what is going on with their child’s education, as they are the ones doing the teaching and planning.